Our Process

Present. Explore. Create. Interact. 

1) We Present the story to the group of young people.

2) We Explore the story and the world of the literary piece by integrating theatre workshops into core subjects like math, science, English, and art.

3) The DogEar Team creates a set inspired by the young people's ideas, and then installs it into the school one Friday afternoon.

4) The students, faculty, staff and parents Interact with and utilize this space for one week (but make sure to knock, one of the characters may be inside!)

Just One Second

Through the support of the Pave Arts Venture Incubator Grant, we partnered with Create Academy in Spring of 2016 to bring the world of Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter to their school. 


Director/Co-Creator: Danica Rosengren

Designer/Co-Creator: Eric Villiers

Production Manager: Joanna Guevara

Actor/Co-Creator: Wyatt Kent

Lighting Designer: Jennifer Tuchband

Site Coordinator: Brunella Provvidente

Teaching Artists: 

Young Nae Choi

Grant Wayman

Audrey Pfeifer 

Technical Director: Phil Weaver-Stoesz

Just One Second: The Overview

An overview of our Just One Second at Create Academy

Impact of Just One Second

Hear from Create Academy's principal, a teacher, and some students about their thoughts on our residency! 

Just One Second Kick Off

Watch DogEar Theatre Company kick off our Alice in Wonderland themed residency, Just One Second, at Create Academy!

Past International Projects

Dream (Seoul, South Korea)

DogEar partnered with South Korean TYA artist Young Nae Choi to help curate an immersive installation piece based around surrealist art. DogEar co-founder Danica acted as a consultant for building and co-implementing workshops for a group of preschoolers, which then influenced the final installation. 

This opportunity allowed both DogEar and the partnering artists to explore non-verbal ways of communication for international collaborations. 

Artists Involved

Danica Rosengren 

Young Nae Choi