Current Projects

The team at one of our adult artist workshops exploring elements of Shadow Puppetry

The Story of Seph

We are pleased to announce that DogEar has been commissioned by the City of Tempe to continue to develop a new adaptation of the Persephone myth, for it's Arizona premiere on March 22, 2019 in Scudder Park! The team is currently working with elementary, high school and adult artists to create a production specific to Tempe residents! 

Our Professional Artists include:

Fargo Tbakhi 

Jenna Nelson

Jillian Johnson

Neda Movahed

Jordan-Kerry Mitchell

Jenae Hirsh

Concept Creator/Director: Danica Rosengren

Concept Creator/Artistic Producer: Tiana Turner

Head Designer: Eric Villiers

Managing Producer: Joanna Guevara 

Costume Designer: Emily Haste

Draper: Alexa Marron

Persephone Development in Maine

DogEar at the Barn Arts Collective

In the summer of 2017, DogEar was invited to attend an arts residency at the Barn Arts Collective in Bass Harbor, Maine. We spent the week exploring the myth of Persephone and how we can transform the myth so that the story centers around the namesake of the piece. We brought artists together from Phoenix, Chicago, and Nashville to create a group of "core artists" to help devise this piece. 

Throughout the next three years, we plan on traveling to different parks throughout the country--morphing this piece to fit the landscape of each place. For instance, in Maine, we utilized lobster cages, natural plants of that area, and picnic tables. Each rendition of the production will be unique to the region in which it is produced. 

Artists Involved:

Our core artists come from all over the country. 


Jason Clark

Elliott Hartman

Juliet Roll


Emily Paige Faith


Danica Rosengren

Fargo Tbakhi 

Tiana Turner

Our core artists in Maine discussing the new adaptation in Acadia National Park!

Our core artists in Maine discussing the new adaptation in Acadia National Park!