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What we're about

DogEar Theatre Productions develops  immersive, theatrical experiences in schools and community spaces. We believe that young people deserve sensorially stimulating experiences, and by bringing together talented, dedicated artists, we can create imagination expanding, memory-making events. 

Why we do it

We have always wanted to journey to Neverland, sip tea with the Mad Hatter, and explore stories from the inside. Through DogEar's projects, we are able to create spaces in which people can dive into imaginative worlds and do just this! 

How we are different?

We foster creativity, ownership, and literacy as we invite young people into our decision making process in regards to design and experience. We believe that there are too many spaces in which young people are not the decision makers, and our projects place young people's choices and ideas at its center. 


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DogEar Theatre Productions

A part of the Pave Arts Venture Incubator cohort 2016-2017.